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We provide you with reliable power and energy efficient solutions!

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An international company committed to delivering high quality energy solutions and services.

Swiss Energy solutions combines the experience of multiple European and local companies insuring we provide only top quality energy solutions and services. We focus on reliable, low maintenance and competitive solutions in four different areas:

Solar PV Solutions

Complete photovoltaic solutions to decrease your energy bill. We offer off-grid or grid-tie solutions with high quality batteries and inverters. More here

Wind Energy Solutions

All size wind solutions from the 1kW Airdolphine residential wind turbine to multi-MW wind farms. More here

Diesel Backup Solutions

Turnkey backup solutions from residential houses to multi-MW industries. We offer customised options like ultra silent generators. More here

Hybrid renewable/diesel solutions

Hybrid solutions are perfect to decrease the energy bill of heavy fuel consumers. We provide bespoke technology and up to date knowledge to maintain grid stability. More here

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Small scale solar pumping

Solar pumps from 0.5hp to 2hp. A sustainable solution to cover the water needs of farmers and communities.

Swiss Energy Solutions is an official Ennos resaler, Ennos is a Swiss company committed to developing pumping technologies that are affordable and suitable for farmers and communities. 2Hp sunlight pumps are available since february 2023 and are connected directly to an array of solar panels without the need of any other electronical device.

Ennos website Datasheet

Solar PV helps you lower your energy bill and hedges it against annual tariff increases.

Simple, reliable and with very low maintenance.

Solar energy has become cheaper than utility energy in many very sunny areas of Southern Africa. If you are paying more than R 1.00 per kWh this solution is definitely for you.

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Pump water almost for free, for many years, even during power cuts.

Harnessing sun’s energy to maximize pump delivery

Our solar pumping system consists of a PV plant and a solar pumping inverter. Its functionality is based on the principle of variable speed drive. The PV system connects directly to the pump without the need for batteries. Thus reducing the initial investment costs as well as the operating and maintenance costs. The inverter is capable of forming an electric grid and running in a pure solar operation mode.

Our system's are scalable from 0.5 to 40 kW per pump. For example-with a typical head of 60m, a 40kW well disigned pump would achieve a flow of 180m3/h. In well irriadiated areas of Southern Africa this represents more than 220'000 cubics of water per year, that will be pumped only with the sun. We are also able to offer additional systems that can be built in parallel to achieve a higher flow.

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An affordable way to decrease you energy bill in windy areas.

Wind has proven to be the cheapest renweable energy source.

At residential scale our plug and play wind turbines are one the fastest ways to reduce your energy bill. At larger scale wind can produce very cheap electricity that competes with Eskom.

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We supply and install industrial and commercial generators, keeping your business operational during load shedding.

The most affordable backup power solution, from 1kW to 3MW.

Diesel generators are very simple machines providing reliable power. At Swiss Energy Solutions, we pay very special attention to the solution design. We carry out extensive measurements insuring we meet you power needs.

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